Social Media

Social media is here to stay and is an essential component of your marketing portfolio.

We can manage your social media, removing the hassle and time factors, whilst maximising online visibility as we link with our other services.

The growth of social media has revolutionised press and public relations. Not only can you reach journalists constantly monitoring social media, but also target your audience directly – telling your story your way, in a variety of mediums including words, images and video.

We help identify which social media platforms best align with your business, advise on a strategy that spreads campaigns across organic and paid for content and implement those strategies efficiently and effectively. You might be best placed to create some of the content for your social media audience through images and updates, and we can help spread the word. Because we constantly monitor the world of winter, outdoor and actions sports media, we can pick the very best content to share on your platforms – meaning more likes, shares, followers and engagement for you.

Social media platforms we work with include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn and Google +

We do not offer a ‘one stop solution’ for social media campaigns, as every business is different. Contact us today for a social media check up and see how we can help.

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