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Search Engine Optimisation – we all know it’s crucial to be on top of Google or other search engines, but going about that today can seem like negotiating a minefield of technobabble.

We cut through that terminology, throwing out the expensive mirrors and smoke machines that seem to clog up many agency office floors and prove to you that achieving results in Google doesn’t require a doctorate in computer sciences from Cambridge University.

What is does required are three main elements:

  1. A team that does understand the technical stuff and can translate that into easy to read, tangible and digestible content so you can see the step by step process towards search engine success.
  2. A team of writers who have the experience, credibility and industry knowledge to write not just content with important keywords, but content that is compelling too. How can a team of writers half way around the world who have never once stepped on a ski slope understand your business? The reality is, many SEO companies use content factories to pump this stuff out – SEO today demands quality over quantity, which is good for you and good for us, because that is what we deliver.
  3. A team who can implement this strategy for you and help secure your content on high-ranking third party websites.

A typical campaign could include the following steps:

  • SEO audit to identify the kind of fixes required on your website immediately and what keywords are needed for a content campaign
  • Content planning stage – deciding what kind of content and subjects will work for your business, whether it’s written or visual (video) and planning the quantity of that content depending on your budget
  • Identifying the split of content between your own website and third party websites
  • Implementing content plan with our team of writers – minimum period of 3 months advised, with a 12 month campaign being the ideal scenario
  • Analysing results and making any changes necessary to improve SEO success
  • Reporting back on search engine rankings as they grow

Speak to us today about SEO and don’t expect to be confused after the end of our conversation.

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